Web Hosting in Pakistan

What is Web Hosting? & How does it Work?

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the specific space on the servers to keep the data relevant to your website online. This data includes all the content (text, images, and videos) that you upload to your website, backend coding, and anything else you need on your website for your visitors, or to make your site accessible online.

You need to buy this space on the servers, and this is what you are paying for when you purchase web hosting.

Do not be perplexed with the use of technical terms like servers. For your understanding, you can consider the server to be a computer that establishes the connection between the web browsers with your website.

Thus, making the servers or space on these servers (the hosting), an essential element to get your website online.

How does web hosting work?

As mentioned earlier, you need to buy web hosting from the companies with their servers installed for renting purposes. Several web hosting companies exist to provide multiple web hosting deals, covering the needs of the small website owners with low traffic to the conglomerates with high traffic at the same time.

Once you have bought the space on the servers, you can dedicate it to a specific domain or number of domains (depending on the conditions and packages of your website hosting). When the users type the domain name of your website in the search bar or click your website from the search results, their browsers connect them with the same server where you have bought the space.

The result of a successful connection is that your website is visible to the user. The server sends the files stored on your space to your browser, and your website opens up.

This is the basic mechanism through which every website is visible to users all over the globe. However, not every hosting service provider or every package allows you to handle your resources, as you want. Some pre-defined features establish the control that you have on your dedicated space.

Why is it important to choose the right web hosting?

The choice of the right web hosting is essential to get more control over the resources you have paid for. The ultimate impact of the hosting type would also be seen on the user experience. Loading speed, the data transfer, and the number of visitors visiting your website would be directly dependant on the package and the company chosen.

What are the different hosting types?

There are different hosting types available to cater to the business needs of small-scale businesses and conglomerates. These include:

Shared Hosting: The hosting type with space from a single server divided into multiple sub-spaces, and given to different owners.

Virtual Private Servers: it is a separate space with a lesser number of individuals sharing it. The unique IP address gives a certain level of security and ease in using the space you like.

Dedicated servers: In this type, the entire server is dedicated to your website. You can expect reliability, high-performance, and better security, but it comes with extremely high costs.

Select the type of web hosting that would suit your website needs before selecting a particular company for providing these services. Once you are sure about the hosting type you need, you can compare packages offered by different companies in the field.

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