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What is Apache? & How does it work?

Apache has been all over the place now. Even if you don’t know anything about it, you must have read the name on your WordPress website in one way or the other. So, what is it?

It is web server software under the Apache Software Foundation. It is the widely used software with nearly 67% of the web servers using it globally. Its open-source code is the main reason for its wide use. Besides, adding more features and customizing it is possible through the addition of extensions and modules.

What does Apache do?

Like any other web server software, Apache manages the communication between your browser and your website, handles any request from your browser, ensures that modules and extensions are fully functional, and clears the cache and memory once your request has been fulfilled.

Considering the list of tasks Apache handles, operating a website without web server software is not possible. However, you can use any other alternative if you want to. But going for Apache is our recommendation. It is because of its industry-wide use, open-sourcing, and the availability of modules to enhance its functionality.

How does it work?

Apache works on the backend, so you won’t even know when these tasks have been performed by your web server software. Its functioning starts when it receives a request from you to visit a particular website. After which, it performs a few checks and opens the web page. To open that particular web page, it might need help from the modules and extensions. When everything is perfect, you get to see the page you requested.

All this takes a few milliseconds, so you can very well realize how important it is for bringing you the best services. Isn’t it praiseworthy? The best part is it is free and available for use for everyone. 

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