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Busting The Myth Behind 'Unlimited' Web Hosting

Shared hosting plans give the growing websites a hard time due to limited hosting features in the context of disk space and bandwidth. In such a scenario, site hosts prefer to move to unlimited hosting providers who claim to offer unlimited hosting.

It sounds good to have unlimited hosting features, but it's a question is it true? Nope! Before moving to the main point, we'll explain web hosting companies' claims in the context of the unlimited hosting plan;

Unlimited Hosting: Unlimited Disk Space + Unlimited Bandwidth + Unlimited Everything

In today's blog post, Buzzhost will unravel the busting of the myth behind 'Unlimited' Hosting. We'll keenly discuss hosting companies' false claims behind this myth, so let's uncover this myth with us;

Unlimited- Anything Is Oversold

Practically nothing is unlimited because the hosting server cannot be able to support unlimited websites. Even your hard disk has its limits. Web hosting companies claim to offer unlimited or limitless bandwidth and disk space, overselling. Web hosting companies claim to provide unlimited hosting in Pakistan as per pre-set terms and conditions with the 'Fair Use Policy'!

 Fair Use Policy! This means you are free to host your website only as long as you use a given subset of resources in the bandwidth and disk space you get in your hosting plan. But whenever your website crosses its bandwidth limits, they will charge you extra charges to violate the Fair Use Policy, and your website will be penalized. So, they are fake in their unlimited claims!

Nothing Is Unlimited

Practically out of 10 out of 100 web hosting users use allotted limits by driving traffic their way by eating up a lot of bandwidth.

In an unlimited hosting plan, the hosting server becomes slow to respond to websites being taken down, and users migrate to a VPS server hosting because their website will not survive reasonably in a shared environment.

Resource Management

Technically your website will probably consume more memory and CPU than bandwidth. Web hosting companies avoid mentioning CPU processes and RAM detail in their hosting plans.

Suppose your site runs 100 processes in a minute, and each method uses 0.2 CPU seconds. Your website will get suspended soon! When your website gets a lot of visitors and likely consumes more CPU resources, it'll make all the websites on that server slow.

Unlimited hosting is not a bad deal for hosting a website. Still, while deciding, you should not fall for marketing gimmicks that rely on over-using the word 'Unlimited.' It would help if you focused on what you'll receive in your hosting plan from your service provider.

However, if you are running a website with less traffic, you can buy an unlimited hosting plan for your website. It will be safe because your website will adhere to the Fair Use Policy due to less traffic.

Busting The Myth Of Unlimited Hosting

Myth # 1- Unlimited Bandwidth 

Web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth for their low-cost plans. They refer to bandwidth as the amount of data that can travel through a data circuit per second but technically, this definition is incorrect. Bandwidth means the width of the allocated band of frequencies, although it's limited. Its limitation starts from the data channel and ends with the server hardware.

 There is a cap on how much data can be transferred at any point. Web service providers add "unlimited bandwidth" to their hosting plan, but they play a game with their customers.

Most hosting companies mention how much data you can transfer in the agreement, so you have adequately set expectations regarding bandwidth. When more data transfer from your website, you have to pay. So, there is no sense in tagging a hosting plan with "unlimited bandwidth."

Web hosting companies are a gamble with shared hosting users or low-traffic website hosts, so the chances that all customers will cap the data pipe simultaneously. More than 1000 websites are connected to a shared hosting server without specific server space. If a high-traffic website gets the maximum amount of resources, you will not get as much data transfer as you need. So don't live in a fool's paradise; differentiate between unlimited and unmeasured data transfer!

Myth #2 - Unlimited Disk Space

There is no free lunch for website hosts in the form of unlimited disk space. Your server resources reside on the hard drives of your web server, and each high hard drive has a capacity. Once your web server is filled up to 80%, it may become unstable. Moreover, it is not wise to use hard drives as it takes more time to backup, which may interrupt other operations. Unlimited disk space is an advertisement trick to attract more customers. You get less than expected when you buy a hosting plan by drawing total disk space. 

Myth#3 - Unlimited Email Accounts

Every mailbox takes disk space. Server resources are also used when you are exchanging your email taxes. In Pakistan, all web hosting companies advertise unlimited email accounts in their unlimited hosting solution. In reality, they know that – to get you to buy their plan. They know very well that you will not need more than 10 email accounts.

Myth #4 - 100% Uptime Guarantee 

Web hosting companies make a false statement to provide a 100% uptime guarantee. Technically it's impossible. Hardware needs scheduled maintenance and 3-4 days is plenty of time unless something goes wrong. So, when you opt to host a plan, make sure your potential hosting company will offer a minimum 99,99% uptime guarantee.

‘Forget unlimited just focus on reliability and quality hosting’

Don't pay extra effort to get unlimited hosting resources; practically, there is nothing unlimited. Rather than fixating your attention unlimited, please pay attention to its reliability and performance. If your website has limited traffic, the unlimited hosting solution is not a bad deal

While there are a lot of myths and misconceptions, you'll hear or experience web hosting. To avoid hassle-free hosting, we recommend you buy hosting services from a reliable hosting provider who'll be ready to help you meet your hosting needs!