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PKR 2,199

per year

  • Free Domain (.com)

  • 01GB SSD Web Space

  • 10GB Bandwidth

  • 01 Database

  • 01 Email

  • 0 Addon Domain

  • Cpanel Linux

  • 1 Click App Installation

  • 24/7 Support

  • Resources Allocated iNodes-400000
    CPU (%)-400
    I/O- 1 MB/sec
PKR 2,899

per year

  • Free Domain (.com)

  • 03GB SSD Web Space

  • 200GB Bandwidth

  • 02 Databases

  • 05 Emails

  • 0 Addon Domain

  • Cpanel Linux

  • 1 Click App Installation

  • 24/7 Support

  • Resources Allocated iNodes-65000
    CPU (%)-75
PKR 4,299

per year

  • Free Domain (.com)

  • 10GB SSD Web Space

  • 400GB Bandwidth

  • 05 Databases

  • 10 Emails

  • 0 Addon Domain

  • Cpanel Linux

  • 1 Click App Installation

  • 24/7 Support

  • Resources Allocated iNodes-75000
    CPU (%)-100
    I/O- 1 MB/sec
PKR 6,499

per year

  • Free Domain (.com)

  • 25GB SSD Web Space

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 10 Databases

  • Unlimited Emails

  • 1 Addon Domain

  • Cpanel Linux

  • 1 Click App Installation

  • 24/7 Support

  • Resources Allocated iNodes-100000
    I/O- 1 MB/sec

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Maximum Performance

Buzz Host is all about reliable services, and fast speed. Beyond your expectations, we will provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee with fast speedy web performances .

Maximum Security

Buzz Host clients are their biggest treasure. Your website data is 100% safe with maximum security. We deliver our hosting services with Integrity and excellence.

Smooth Email Services

Our Smooth Email services help you to grow your business plan, capturing your interests and protect their businesses from viruses, and help them towards achievements.


cPanel Official Partner/cPanel access

Buzz Host bought an instinctive way to maintain your websites with advanced hosting expertise and technology by providing cPanel access.


Bang Scripts

Our promising commitments keeping you safe from cyberattacks, Buzz Host empowering your security and enabling your businesses by managed technologies through Bang scripts.

700+ Corporate Clients

Buzz Host empower as a brand. We earn a good reputation by serving more than 700 government and private organizations and trying to do impossible things possible from the last 7 years.

Technical Specifications


99.99% uptime guarantee

1 Click Install Script

Enterprising Monitoring

Fast And High Core CPU's

Performance & Languages

Highly Secure FTP Access

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Shared Hosting in Pakistan:

Shared hosting in Pakistan is the most economical and easy way to bring your website online.


Which shared hosting plan is the best?

Have all of these shared hosting plans confused you? You can use the following questions to analyze your hosting needs and thus choose a plan.


  1. What is the expected amount of traffic to your website?
  2. Do you have multiple pictures and tons of data requiring more bandwidth upon each visitor?
  3. Are multiple databases your website’s requirement?

Answering these questions will shortlist the right shared hosting package for you. So, you can order it right away and start building your website.


Features of shared hosting services:

Buzz Host offers one of the best-shared hosting plans for your website. The main features include:


Gigantic Disk space: Buzz Host offers you varying disk space for your website depending on the package you choose. Starting from 1GB going up to 25 GB, you can choose from the enormous disk space available.


Ultra-fast servers: The server speed is crucial in determining your website speed. We at Buzz Host have ultrafast servers waiting for you. So, that you can generate the BEST experience for your visitors.


C-Panel Access: You will get Linux C-panel access with every shared hosting plan, so you can manage your hosting service with great ease.


Possibility of Unlimited Bandwidth: From 10GB bandwidth to unlimited one, you can host your website on the package you desire.


SSD Storage: SSD Storage allows faster speed for website loading, thus lower bounce rate and more visitors.


Free Domains: Free domains are part of the deal when getting hosting plans from Buzz Host.


Cloud Infrastructure: The cloud interface adopting by Buzz Host would bring in the real benefit in terms of speed and limited data usage for your hosting plan.


Why shared Hosting?

Are you wondering why is the shared hosting plan best for you? Here are a few reasons:


Start your website: Whether you like blog writing or photography, you can use the shared hosting plan to bring your website life and accessibility to the users.


Minimum cost: The shared hosting plans are the most cost-effective ones. So, you can initiate your website with minimum money at stake.


Scalability: Scalability is always possible when you buy the shared hosting plan. You can always upgrade to a better-shared hosting package or change your hosting package altogether.


No technical knowledge required: You can start using the shared hosting the moment you purchase it without any technical knowledge involved.


30-Day Money-back guarantee: Buzz Host offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all the hosting plans, including the shared hosting packages.


Free Features with each shared hosting plan:

Every shared hosting plan purchase provides you with


  1. 100% SSD Storage facility
  2. Up to Unlimited bandwidth
  3. Linux C-panel
  4. Anonymous Nameservers
  5. MySQL Databases
  6. 1 Click app installation facility


Why choose Buzz Host?

Every other company is providing shared hosting packages, so what is the benefit of choosing Buzz Host? Here is a long list:


Reliability: 99.99% uptime guarantee so part of our shared hosting packages, which means that your visitors won’t have to face any issues while visiting your website

Privacy and Security: Buzz Host believes in providing privacy and security for all its customers and the visitors visiting the website hosted o Buzz Host. Thus, all the possible measures are in place to ensure it.

Efficient Customer Support: A 24/7 customer support facility is available. Shoot us a question, and we are ready to answer.

Easy Management: The Linux c-panel support ensures that everything is managed properly with convenience

1-click installation: The 1-click installation option allows you to install all essential applications by performing a few clicks.

Free Migration: Easy and free migration to Buzz Host is possible if your website is currently hosted with any other service provider.

Personal Email: You will have access to your email when using the Buzz Host shared plan services.

Scale your business: You can choose any package now and then decide to upgrade or downgrade depending on your needs without any additional charge.


How does it work?


  1. Sign up for our shared hosting package
  2. Get access to your hosting plan
  3. Attach your domain to the hosting
  4. Create your website


Ready, Willing and Able to Help!

Whether it’s a question, query, or you want to discuss a project, the Buzz Host team is at your service anytime, at all times!