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What is BandWidth in Web Hosting (Complete Guide)

 In this article, we’ll be discussing what is bandwidth in web hosting and how it helps your website when selecting the right hosting package.

What is bandwidth?

In simple terms, bandwidth is the amount of data that your website can transfer to your users at a specific time.

Importance of bandwidth:

The bandwidth of the website is vital for determining the amount of data transferred to the website's visitors. The higher the bandwidth of your web hosting, the more data would be transferred quickly to your visitors, even in peak time.

It means that your visitors would be able to access your website in a better and smoother way. Moreover, it also helps in catering to a wider audience. Besides, the websites can have the dynamic features incorporated in them easily if your web-hosting package has higher bandwidth.

How can I measure the bandwidth of the website?

Gigabyte (GB) is the basic unit of measuring the bandwidth for a specific hosting package. Some websites even offer an unlimited hosting package.

What is the process of measuring the bandwidth of web hosting?

If you are an owner of the website, you can check the bandwidth very easily. You’ll have to log in to your WordPress hosting. On the dashboard, you’ll see a specific section with “bandwidth.” Click on this section, and you’ll have the bandwidth breakdown based on time. It is possible to check the bandwidth for 24 hours, a week, month, and the years’ time.

What is meant by unlimited bandwidth?

The unlimited bandwidth in literal terms means that the bandwidth of the web hosting is limited. However, in real terms, unlimited bandwidth is offered by the website hosting providers. This is a bit misleading. The website hosting providers believe that the entire limit of the bandwidth they are offering under a particular package won’t be exhausted by most websites.

To keep the process of buying websites easier for non-tech individuals, the hosting companies list the package as unlimited.

What will happen if my bandwidth would exceed the limit?

In case your website requests exceed the limit of your bandwidth package, the hosting company would suspend your website for the time being when the number of requests being generated is high. Besides, if such a condition would continue for long, you’ll be asked to upgrade to a higher package or face the time out for longer periods.

How much bandwidth do you need?

You’ll have to analyze the number of visitors and the estimated bandwidth you require for your website. Based on this estimation, you can choose your website hosting plan.

If you aren’t sure about the requirements, you can start with the basic page of the website hosting company you like. As soon as you feel that your website hosting needs an upgrade, you can do so. Starting with the higher resources and underutilizing it would cost you extra, whereas the resources with a lower package, may result in loss of traffic. So, make sure to have a close look at the bandwidth that you need for your website and upgrade it continually.

With all this information at hand, we expect you have understood all the important details regarding the bandwidth of the website. Use it for making your next purchase.