Web Hosting in Pakistan

Difference between Web Hosting and Wordpress Hosting (Major Differences)

While buying your hosting, you’ll come across different hosting types, amongst which web hosting and WordPress hosting are the two prominent types. As a newbie, you’ll get confused about the selection of the perfect type for your needs.

So, it is better to have an understanding of web hosting and WordPress hosting. We’ll be sharing the features, benefits, and other aspects related to both these hosting types.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a general hosting type that any organization, blog, or website reserves online for making their content accessible online.

It is more of an umbrella term that focuses on different hosting types.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is the hosting type that you can use or get a WordPress website online. Such hosting makes the WordPress installation process easy and ensures that you get easy management of your website.

Difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting:

Web hosting is a broad term and covers all the hosting types, whereas WordPress hosting is a niche-specific hosting that handles the websites related to WordPress.

The purpose of web hosting is just to make your website live by keeping the files on the server. With these services, you can associate with different platforms and multiple website builders. In WordPress-specific hosting, all the websites on the WordPress shared hosting are based on the WordPress platform. You can get customized solutions and support optimizations of a WordPress website.

Summing Up:

Both web hosting and WordPress hosting allow you to keep your websites on the servers to make them available online for your users. Web hosting is a broad term, whereas WordPress hosting is a niche-specific one that you can use for your WordPress website. Choose the hosting to fit your needs.