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Technical Specifications

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Deliver a Dependable Experience

  • Bare metal servers

    Offering the privileges of complete control of a bare metal server. Harness the full processing power and enjoy maximum performance dedicated just to you.

  • SATA or SSD Drives

    Our available hard drive options have got you covered for when you want blazing-fast speed and tons of storage capacity. Choose whatever suits you best!

  • Disk mirroring

    Our dedicated servers include RAID-1 configuration to provide you with optimal performance, high availability, and data redundancy in case of disk failure.

  • Easy-to-use control panel

    Being an official partner of cPanel, we know all the particulars of world’s largest control panel and prefer it due to reasons including its easy usability and unique features.

  • Quick Provisioning

    Buying a dedicated server web hosting package from us means no to long days spent waiting to start. We’d provision your server the same day you purchase it from us!

  • Managed Services

    All our hosting plans come with a free initial server setup. Our team can also provide you with server management services and fully managed support if you need us to.

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Need More Power?

Try HDD Server

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Try DDS Server

Bundle Boosters

Select Your Server, Configure It, and Move on!

R1Soft Agent License Rs2310 Per Month
Softaculous for VPS Rs495 Per Month
Softaculous for Dedicated Server Rs825 Per Month
cPanel Admin Cloud (Upto 5 Accounts) Rs2805 Per Month
cPanel BareMetal Server (Upto 100 Accounts) Rs7425 Per Month
Managed Support
Fully Managed Support - Dedicated Rs12375 Per Month
Fully Managed Support - VPS Rs4950 Per Month

Customize Your Server Plan Yourself

Let one of our inhouse hosting experts help you choose a plan that fits your needs. Or, create a custom plan yourself while we assist you!



VPS Hosting:

A secure, reliable, and quick hosting for your projects via Virtual Private Servers (VPS)


Features of our VPS Hosting:

Here are the main features of VPS Hosting…

DDoS protection: Additional security is part of the package to prevent any attacks or attempts of interception by unauthorized bots and individuals


Better performance:

99.99% uptime is guaranteed by Buzz Host for the VPS hosting in Pakistan.


Advanced hardware components:

Powerful CPU is part of VPS hosting servers, which makes processing faster. Besides high I/O, disks allow better data download and upload facility



You can upgrade or downgrade your VPS Hosting plans in Pakistan. Adding more resources when your website traffic is increasing is easily manageable and does not involve any technicalities.


30-day money-back guarantee:

Like all other hosting plans, the VPS hosting plan by Buzz Host also has a money-back guarantee offer. You can claim your money back if you aren’t satisfied or think you no longer need the services. 


Which VPS Hosting package would you need?

Are you confused after seeing the list of specifications in each of the packages above? Which of these would you exactly need? That depends on your requirements and the tasks. To get high-speed processing and more disk space, you can move on to the higher-tier plans.


Technical specifications for VPS hosting:

With Buzz Host VPS Hosting in Pakistan, you would get the following technical features:



Layers of security are added to ensure data safety every time


The use of the latest hardware with updated technology enhances the browsing and usage performance of VPS hosting.

SSD Storage:

The use of SSD Storage makes the data processing faster and easier


Why VPS Hosting?

For people who need to know more about VPS hosting before they finalize their decision regarding its purchase, here are the reasons why you choose VPS hosting.


Getting the VPS hosting comes with an ease of scalability. You can always upgrade to a better plan with an increase in traffic or business.


Handles large traffic:

VPS hosting can manage large volumes of traffic without influencing the page speed and the load time.


Control lies with you:

With VPS hosting, you can get root access, making it possible to install your software, handle all the updates, and create backups. Besides, running batch files and customizing the control panel is also possible with this hosting type.


Affordable option:

In contrast to the dedicated servers, the VPS hosting in Pakistan is affordable. 


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Why choose Buzz Host?

We have been providing high-quality web hosting in Pakistan for a decade now. Below are some of the reasons that make us different from our competitors. 



Our uptime is guaranteed 99.99% firewall our hosting plans, which makes us prominent in the hosting providing industry. 


Privacy and Security:

Multi-layer security is added to ensure that the hosting you get and the data you transfer are safe. 


Efficient Customer Support:

24/7 customer support available with a helping attitude to solve your queries.


Friendly for the developers:

PHP, MySQL, Python, Apache, and PERL, can work and test their applications with immense ease.


Free Migration available for unlimited websites:

Migration to the VPS hosting is available free of cost with Buzz Host.


Control over your resources:

You can decide how to use your VPS hosting resources in a way to get the best results. 


Scale your business:

Scaling up is pretty easy and does not require any hassle when you are dealing with Buzz Host. 


How does it work?

  • Choose the right VPS hosting package
  • Provide personal details and billing information
  • Get started with your VPS hosting




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