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Why do you need .PK domain?

  • Proclaim your name

With your .pk domain, you can transfer your offline brand value in the online world your name to your customers, build your brand, and enjoy a good reputation.


  • Protect your name

You can protect your brand identity and brand name from competitors using a .pk domain.


  • Broaden your online presence

If you haven’t started your website yet and relying only on social media, then this is the right time to create your online presence.


  • Get better ranking from the search engines:

The local domains get better rankings on average in the specific targeted location. This means that .pk domains would rank better in Pakistan 


  • Send personalized email

Sending personalized emails to your clients is possible if you have your domain name with a website.


Features of .pk Domain

With these features of the .pk domain, you are going to establish a brand identity


Easy to Remember:

.pk domains are easy to remember for the local audience


Creates your brand identity:

With .pk domains, you can establish yourself as a local brand and show your presence in the local market


Why buy a .pk domain for Buzz Host?


  • Best customer service

From Buzz Host, you can get the best customer service available 24/7/365


  • Secure and reliable

Secure and reliable services from Buzz Host ensures the 100% data security


  • Fast registration

Buzz Host allows you to get your domain within 30 minutes of registration


  • Transparent Pricing

All the rates that we charge are mentioned on our websites. We don’t have any hidden charges, so feel free to buy your .pk domain now.


  • Trusted

We are trusted providers of the domain name and other hosting services. You can get your domain now!


  • Intuitive Control Service

You can get hold of your domain name on your own, with an easy to use the dashboard to manage.


  • Quick and Easy Payment options:

Buzz Host provides you with quick and easy payment options. Just choose your domain and pay to get access to your .pk domain name.


  • Buy your domain:

You can buy a new brand name for your business and create a website to get more customers


  • Transfer your domain

Transfer your existing domain to Buzz Host for exceptional service and customer support


  • Renew your domain

You can renew your domain with Buzz Host and extend your brand identity years over year


  • Domain Recovery

If your domain has expired, then you go for the domain recovery option from Buzz Host


  • Domain Management

Manage your multiple domains with a single account through easy access and management


What is the domain price in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the domain price varies significantly, depending upon the service provider you choose. The choice of the local and international service provider determines the price that you’ll get.

Choosing Buzz Host provides you an option to get your favorite domain name at the best possible price. The price of the .pk domain starts from …. But definitely, the exact price depends on the TLD you’ll choose.


Who can purchase domains in Pakistan?

Anyone who wants to have a website online can purchase a domain in Pakistan. You can either be an owner of a company, brand, store, or non-profit organization to have a domain in your name. You can even use a .pk domain for highlighting your portfolio and skill set.

In each of these cases, you can finalize your domain name by checking its availability and get it registered.


How to register a domain name? .PK Domain Name Registration


5 steps to register your domain:


  • Search your desired name in the search bar
  • Check the availability status
  • Add it to your cart
  • Pay for your .pk domain
  • Enjoy your brand identity