SSL Certificate plans


Positive SSL Multi-domain (1 Year)

yearly plan


  • The Positive SSL Multi-Domain offers inexpensive access to multi-domain encryption. You can encode your entire web portfolio within a few minutes
  • up to 2000 domains!. The Positive SSL Multi-Domain offers strong 256-bit encoding strength
  • 2048-bit signature key.
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Comodo Essential SSL (1 Year)

yearly plan


  • Essential SSL Certificates from Comodo are valuable SSL certificates
  • offering the industry standard encryption on its basic cost. It's a paperless validation system
  • only validating for the possession of the domain.
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Positive SSL Wild Card (1 Year)

yearly plan


  • The Positive SSL Wildcard is a cost-effective solution for multiple sub-domains of a single domain. Positive SSL Wildcard certificates secure unlimited sub-domains and it’s easy to install.
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Comodo Positive SSL (1 Year)

yearly plan


  • Positive SSL Certificate from Comodo is a highly recommended SSL certificate
  • providing industry-standard by encoding on basic cost. ... These certificates come with a padlock and 99.9% browser trust
  • and highly suitable for non-eCommerce sites that need encoding.
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Comodo EV SSL (1 Year)

yearly plan


  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offering valuable industry standard for business websites. Consumers who see the green address bar on their sites experience self-confidence in the site's rightfulness and preferred to complete an online transaction.
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SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a secure and authentic way of digital communication


Why should you use SSL Certificates?

With an SSL certificate, you can get the following benefits:


  • secures your transactions and online data on the web hosting
  • encrypts the user information that you or your visitors enter on the web
  • establishes trust between your company and the users
  • enhances the conversion rate by providing an environment that users can trust
  • creates a strong brand identity
  • impacts on the SEO ranking positively


Features that you’ll get with all SSL certificates from Buzz Host:


  • Enables secure padlock in the browser
  • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
  • A trademark for a secure website to enhance the visitor’s trust
  • No limit for the issuance or servers
  • Compatible with all browsers and devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Efficient customer support


Why select Buzz Host?

We don’t compel you to buy your SSL certificates from us; rather, we give you enough reasons to avail of our services.


We empower you and your business:

At Buzz Host, we aim to empower you in every possible way for success. Using the SSL certificates from Buzz Host, you can ensure secure transactions for your potential customers, thus allowing you to generate the best results.


You’ll get a secure path for your clientele:

With our SSL Certificate provision services, we enable you to create a secure environment for you and your clients where communication, financial transaction, and data sharing are possible without any risk.


You’ll be treated royally:

All you need to ask your question and our efficient customer support team would answer them at their earliest with the best possible solution. You’ll always get the royal treatment no matter how trivial or expert your question is.


How do SSL certificates work?

  • Creation of SSL agreement in the form of a secure tunnel between the website and user’s browser
  • Transfer of data becomes secure
  • Appearance of Padlock


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What do you need to install an SSL Certificate on your website?

There are two basic prerequisites you must have to install an SSL Certificate. These include:


  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Hosting Control Panel


Apart from these two prerequisites, you need to have a bit of technical knowledge to install an SSL Certificate on your website.


How does it work?

  • Choose your SSL certificate
  • Buy your certificate
  • Install it